Quality guarantee

Manufacturer’s Warranty Policy

We guarantee our merchandise to be free of manufacturing defects.

We will warrant items with manufacturing defects purchased on www.908635.com within 1 year of purchase.
If your product falls under our warranty policy, we will ship a replacement to you, if available.
Otherwise we will e-mail you an e-gift card for the purchase price, valid for use on hobobags.com.

For warranty claims on items purchased at authorized retail locations, you may return your HOBO to the point of purchase.

We love the leathers we use because they do break in and look beautiful with age. Because leather is a natural material, there will be subtle variations in each item and the leather will wear over time. All leather products require periodic care.

We recommend you use a high quality, alcohol-free leather cleaner or conditioner to maintain the leather on your HOBO handbag or wallet, or take your item to a leather specialist or cobbler in your area.

We do not offer cleaning, re-dying, refurbishing, or repair services.

Examples of qualifying manufacturing defects include problems with zipper construction, loose stitching or lining, or hardware malfunction.

Our manufacturer's warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, neglect, or accidents. Some examples of what is not covered under our manufacturer's warranty:

Stains or color transfer from clothing dye, beverages, or inclement weather
Damage from hungry pets
Scratches, soiled spots, or marks from normal use
Discoloration or dampness from storage
Damage from adhesives
Lost or stolen items
Exposure to chemicals or products with alcohol
Improper care

Warranty claims may take four to six weeks to process.

For a warranty claim form please?CLICK HERE. Please read and print our warranty claim form and mailing instructions.

For questions, please contact our warranty team by emailing warranty@hobobags.com


We do not currently offer this service for customers residing outside the United States.

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